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Hueneme Patient Collective Now Delivers Cannabis

Buying cannabis can be a daunting activity when you’ve never done it before. That’s why at Hueneme Patient Collective (HPC), we always try to make it the easiest and safest experience possible. With a neat and organized waiting room, quality curated cannabis products, and knowledgeable staff that you feel you can actually talk to, we help create an experience where you feel good about buying the right cannabis for you. 

But, as we have all experienced at one point or another, there are always days where you can’t make it to your cannabis dispensary, let alone eat a wholesome breakfast. That’s why we’ve partnered with another local Ventura business to make things a little easier. 

Enter HPC Delivery Powered by Tree Factory

You can now order from the entire HPC menu and have it delivered right to your home, office, gym...wherever you are! It’s cannabis delivery near you that you’ll actually be able to trust, because it has the same standard of quality and safety that you experience every time you walk into Hueneme Patient Collective. 

If you are one of those that usually just types in “cannabis delivery near me,” and doesn’t really care for the results, think again. There could be dangers when blindly searching for cannabis delivery. For one, you may be getting connected with an illicit dispensary, or one that doesn’t have a license to deliver cannabis. You also may not know the company you’re getting delivery from, and have a bad experience with the delivery.

We’re so excited to offer the people of Port Hueneme and all of the cities in Ventura County - like Camarillo, Oxnard and Ojai - cannabis delivery from the licensed and qualified partnership we’ve created with Tree Factory. 

How It Works

There are a couple of different options for how you can order delivery from HPC. You can order from our online shop at 420hpc.com by going through the same process you would if you were ordering for pickup, but now you can just choose cannabis delivery. 

If you’d like to speak with a staff member to answer any questions about the process, you can also visit treefactory.com, our delivery partners, to learn more about the products you’re ordering, and how the process will work. You’ll be able to order over the phone with Tree Factory, and you can even text to order!

Our goal is to make cannabis delivery near you as simple and safe as possible, and with our partnership with Tree Factory, we’re able to do just that. 

Delivery fulfilled by Hueneme Patient Consumer Collective, LLC (HPC) 
Lic# C10-0000064-LIC

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