Cannabis oil concentrates have gained a lot of notoriety in the last 10 years. Since recreational legalization brands have flooded the market with cleaner and more discreet options for consumers. Cannabis oils have grown so much in popularity sales now make up about 25% of the total market outselling edibles by 10%. Manufacturers of concentrates have an almost cult following including lifestyle brands like Raw Garden, Real Deal Resin and 710 Labs.

Why is the number 710 appearing so often when referring to cannabis concentrates? Well, flip it around and upside down it says “OIL”. 710 has become a common stoner term. Celebrated on July 10th with in-store specials and swag, 710 is quickly becoming as popular as 420. The slang term for oil first appeared in the Urban Dictionary website around 2011 when BHO or honey oil first came on the scene. Its origin is said to come from oil caps inside an old car that resembled the numbers 710 when looked at upside down. The origin story for 710 isn’t as clear as 420’s but the term took off into the mainstream when LA Weekly published an article in 2013 called, “710 the new 420?”.

The evolution of cannabis oil has changed the last 15 years. In 2010 the norm was extracting oil with heavy solvents and using a large glass rig with butane to consume. Now solvent extracting has all but disappeared, we have moved on to cleaner methods like ice water extractions and compressed C02. Since the invention of electric rig alternatives like the Puffco and Boundless Terp Pen there’s more discrete and easy ways to partake in concentrates. If you’re a traditional kind of smoker you can still consume with a rig and butane torch or even add concentrates to your rolled joints! If diving into the concentrate world seems daunting, try out a vapor pen. Oil is inside a pre-loaded cartridge that is then heated up on a small battery. It creates a small cloud of vapor that is ready to use anytime! We recommend Stiiizy or Raw Garden.

At HPC, we would love to help you learn all about how to start using concentrates! Our amazing staff will guide you on how to pick out the best smoking device, to choosing your first gram of concentrate. Visit us this July 10th from 4:20pm-7:10pm for special discounts, exclusive swag, and even a DJ!

  • Written by: Drea Griley