HPC‘s Good Neighbor Approach

As a business resident in the community, HPC is pleased to present to you our Good Neighbor Approach. We will mail or hand-deliver to our neighbors within a two-block radius, the name and phone number of our Community Outreach Director, or an employee designated by the Community Outreach Director, so that they will have a point of contact within the organization they can reach at any time should questions, comments, concerns or problems arise.

The Community Outreach Director will maintain a log of all complaints and suggestions from neighbors, and all complaints will be addressed in a timely manner. We have established standards and expectations that our Community Outreach Director has outlined below:

  1. At no time shall any of the following items be allowed on the Facility premise: (i) if any controlled substance, other than cannabis; (ii) any paraphernalia used for the ingestion of any type of controlled substance, except for cannabis accessories for incidental retail sale to customers; (iii) alcoholic beverages; or (iv) firearms, except in strict compliance with federal. State, and County laws.
  2. Ensure that all cannabis goods sold by HPC are produced and transported by State-licensed facilities in full conformance with the State and local regulations.
  3. Not sell alcoholic beverages or tobacco at the Facility.
  4. Prohibit the smoking, vaporization, ingestion, or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or cannabis in any form at or within 200 ft of the Facility. No employee shall be under the influence of alcohol or drugs (including cannabis) while on the premises.
  5. Not distribute any form of advertising for physician recommendations for cannabis.
  6. Provide outside lighting in a manner that illuminates the outside street and sidewalk areas and adjacent parking as appropriate, in accordance with City or County regulations.
  7. In accordance with our Air Quality and Odor Control Plan, provide adequate and appropriate ventilation to prevent any significant noxious or offensive odors from escaping the premises.
  8. Patrol the surrounding area to identify and immediately address any problems, including, but not limited to, noise, odor, cannabis consumption, and litter as well as maintain the premises, adjacent sidewalk, and/or alley in a good, dean condition at all times. Any and all graffiti will be identified and promptly removed from the property and parking lots.
  9. Prohibit patrons from double-parking around the premises.
  10. Prohibit loitering in or around the premises.
  11. Prohibit littering in or around the premises.
  12. Prohibit the consumption of cannabis products in and around the premises.
  13. Post notices on the premises that:
    1. Direct patrons to leave the establishment and neighborhood peaceful and in an orderly fashion.
    2. Direct patrons to not litter or block driveways.
    3. Advise individuals of the prohibition on loitering.
    4. Advise individuals that smoking of cannabis is prohibited in public places.
  14. Ensure notices are clear, well lit, prominently displayed, and maintained at all public entrances to and exits from the establishment.
  15. Secure the premises within 50 feet of any public entrance and exit
  16. Ensure the Facility shall be continuously maintained in a safe, clean, and orderly condition with twice daily litter pick-up within 100 feet of the facility.
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