Legalizing cannabis and bringing it out of the shadows in Ventura County has been a slow process. Over 60 percent of county voters approved Prop 64 legalizing adult-use cannabis in California, but only Port Hueneme and Ojai currently have operating dispensaries. Thousand Oaks has approved two dispensary licenses, but neither store has opened. Oxnard has Phase II licenses pending. In Ventura, city residents will vote in November 2020 for a ballot measure, essentially legalizing cannabis businesses. So how does all of this affect weed delivery in Ventura County? 

Fortunately, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control permits deliveries from licensed cannabis retailers to areas that lack cannabis retail stores or delivery services. Under BCC Rule 5416(d), licensees may provide home delivery services to any city or unincorporated area, even those that ban delivery. It’s important because Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Santa Paula, and Ventura (pending the November vote) still ban cannabis sales. A lawsuit filed in Fresno County challenges the BCC Rule, but the judge recently voiced skepticism about the complaint. For now, legitimate licensees may deliver cannabis orders to adults anywhere in the state. 

HPC Weed Delivery in Ventura County

HPC works with Delivery Tree to deliver cannabis in Ventura County. Check out our current delivery menu and place an order here. We love having customers visit the store, but we also understand the convenience of delivery orders, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ordering online should be simple and straightforward, and we’ve made it easy:

  1. Select your items and add them to your cart.
  2. Choose whether the order is for pickup or delivery.
  3. Fill in your delivery address. 
  4. Your order is then sent to us and once we receive it, we’ll send a confirmation text that your order is being prepared. 
  5. When the order is ready for delivery, we’ll send a second text notification. 
  6. The driver will then text you with an ETA to your address.

HPC delivery service is available Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. We never charge a separate delivery fee, but depending on your location, a minimum order may be required.

Safe Cannabis Delivery

Our drivers will deliver our order quickly and safely. They wear masks to protect your health, and we sincerely appreciate it if you wear a mask to protect our drivers as well. They’ll make every attempt to honor social distancing guidelines and contactless delivery. Adult-use patients must be 21+ and have your driver’s license with you. Medical patients 18 or older must have a valid medical recommendation card and their driver’s license. 

You may pay with cash or sign up for a Paytender app that links to your bank account. There’s no cost to install or to use Paytender. The delivery driver will scan the app’s QR code on your phone, and once you accept the charge, the funds seamlessly transfer from your Paytender account to HPC. It’s quick and easy and avoids hand to hand contact when exchanging cash in person. 

Beware of Illegal Cannabis Delivery Operators

HPC began as a patient collective under Prop 215, and our patients’ health and wellness are incredibly important to us. We value safe, authentic, and high-quality cannabis products.  Unfortunately, not all delivery service operators are licensed, meaning they’re selling illegal, untested, and possibly counterfeit cannabis brands. You may not receive the product you ordered, and for that matter, you won’t know how it was grown or know from whom you bought it. Stay safe, and buy local from reputable, licensed delivery companies like HPC. 

If you have any questions about our delivery services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 805-874-3151 or send an email to [email protected]